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Frequently asked questions

Anyone interested in participating in experiments can register if they are adult. However, some experiments require that certain conditions be met in order to participate, for example, they may require volunteers that they have never participated in a similar experiment, or that they have never participated in any experiment. Other experiments may require volunteers to study particular subjects or to search for volunteers in a particular age group, depending on the research question that is driving the experiment.

→ To be able to participate in an experiment, you must first register and once you have accepted the rules, you should be redirected to the ORSEE platform (a website for recruiting and managing participants in experiments) where you will have to register.

→ If you meet the conditions of the experiment, you will receive an invitation to participate in the experiment, then click on the link to accept.

→ This will take you back to the ORSEE website where you can choose the session you wish to participate in (depends on the availability of places per session)

→ Once this is done, your registration is complete.

You can check the dates of the next experiments in the “Calendar” section or on the ORSEE platform.

Unfortunately, for many economic problems, there isn't much or no data available, and some of these problems require complex or impossible data acquisition. Participating in the experiments allows these theories to be tested in smaller configurations and thus helps to isolate and control some of the factors that influence the results. For example, some experiments are aimed at demonstrating how a group makes its decisions and comparing those results with the decisions made by an individual, were the decisions made rational? What were the criteria for his decision?

No, it is not. The number of attendees may vary depending on the experiment, and the number of registrants is always higher than the number of attendees requested. This is in order to protect against possible withdrawal or absence of participants. Only the first people invited and present will participate in the experiment. Participants who are unable to take part in the experiment due to capacity constraints or other failures will be compensated up to 3€ (from the moment they arrive before the start of the experiment).

To know your duties please refer to the page “Règlement”

The basic payout for any participant who shows up on time during a session is €3 for the basic sum. In addition to the 3 euros, will depend the decision of the participant and the other participants during the experiment and may therefore vary according to each experiment and according to the participants, however this gain remains anonymous to each participant.