Behavioral and Experimental Economics-TSE


Toulouse School of Economics Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Experimental economics explores individual’s as well as group’s decision-makings.

The BEE group carries out a number of exciting economic experiments throughout the year and we always need new volunteers. Participants are remunerated: click on “Rules” for details.

If you are interested in taking part, please click on “Register” from the menu on the left. You can check out which experiments are recruiting at the moment from our “Calendar”. Once registered, you will receive an email to invite you to the experiment. Each experiment has its own rules concerning who may participated: for example, some experiments may require volunteers who have never participated in a similar experiment, or even volunteers who have never participated in any experiment. Some experiments may require volunteers who are studying particular subjects, or volunteers in a particular age group, depending on the research question that motivates the experiment. If there are any such restrictions, they will be includes in the description of the experiment and the invitation email.